Are There Any Known Risks or Dangers Associated With Using Tooth Sealants?

Are There Any Known Risks or Dangers Associated With Using Tooth Sealants?

March 1, 2023

Dental sealants are plastic coatings applied to teeth to protect them from decay and cavities. They are highly effective in cavity prevention for children and adults. However, some people fear getting sealants due to concerns about their health. Read on to learn about the safety of sealants and why you should visit the dentist near you for sealants.

Who Can Benefit From Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants protect teeth from cavities by preventing plaque from building up on teeth. They cover the tooth surface filling grooves and fissures that can hide plaque. Sealants can benefit adults and children since all are prone to cavities.

Dentists recommend dental sealants in Knoxville, IA, for adults and kids with the below issues.

    1. Poor oral hygiene

Kids have difficulty maintaining proper oral hygiene. They lack the patience or skills to brush and floss each day properly. Some adults have dexterity issues with their limbs. They prevent them from brushing or flossing correctly. Others forget to clean their teeth due to amnesia.

Poor oral hygiene leads to increased plaque formation, causing tooth decay and cavities. Visiting the dentist near you for sealants will help maintain proper oral hygiene. It will be easy for kids and adults with poor dexterity to clean their mouths. Also, those who forget to clean their teeth can keep them from decaying.

    1. Deep pits and fissures

Teeth contain grooves that help in breaking down food. However, if they are deep, plaque accumulates in them, leading to decay. Your teeth also have fissures where plaque can hide and build up. Over time, the teeth will rot and get cavities. Sealants fill the pits and fissures, making it impossible for plaque to accumulate.

    1. History of dental caries

People who get cavities frequently can benefit from teeth sealants. The plastic coatings will cover their teeth, preventing them from caries.

    1. Enamel defects

People who have thin or damaged teeth enamels suffer from extreme tooth sensitivity. Their dentin and underlying tooth nerves are exposed to extreme temperatures. Therefore, when they take hot or cold foods and beverages, they experience pain in the teeth. Sealants insulate the tooth protecting it from contact with hot or cold substances.

    1. Medical conditions

Patients with medical conditions that cause oral health issues can benefit from sealants. For example, some use medications that affect saliva production leading to dry mouth. As a result, they become prone to decay and cavities. Fortunately, sealant application can reduce their risk of caries.

Are There Any Known Risks or Dangers Associated With Tooth Sealants?

Dental sealants are made from a plastic material. Therefore, they contain small amounts of the chemical found in plastics known as bisphenol A (BPA). Exposure to the chemical poses potential health effects to patients. As a result, many are concerned about the risks and dangers they get exposed to while using sealants.

The ADA and other groups of dental professionals have conducted numerous kinds of research on the safety of teeth sealants. Results have shown that sealants cannot cause any health effects. The amount of BPA present in them is too little to pose any health risks to the users.

The only potential tooth sealant danger is an allergic reaction to the material. Some people get an allergic hypersensitive reaction to composite resin. They experience itching of the skin, swelling, reddening, or a burning sensation.

However, this allergy is extremely rare. In addition, your dentist will be aware of it since resin is used in various dental treatments. If you are a new patient, they will ensure you are not allergic to the resin before applying it.

Sealants Are Safe

Dental sealants have been used for several decades as a preventive measure against cavities. Dental professionals have researched the safety of sealants for kids and adults during this time. The reports show that dental sealants have no dangers or risks to anyone. Instead, they are highly effective in preventing decay in patients of all ages.

Get dental sealants to reduce the risk of cavities for yourself and your loved ones. Schedule an appointment for a sealant procedure at Knoxville Dental Associates. Our team will discuss any concerns about the safety of sealants for you or the kids.