Dental Insurance and Financing

Understanding insurance and financing policies and procedures can be intimidating for patients undergoing dental care and treatment. Thankfully, our professional office staff members are here to help! We can help you determine what your insurance policy covers and what remaining cost, if any, may be your responsibility. In addition, we can discuss financing options for patients.

Don’t let the intimidation of navigating insurance and financing get in the way of your oral health and wellness. Contact our office to address your questions or concerns before undergoing any dental procedure. We will ensure that you have accurate information.

List of Accepted Insurances

  • Wellmark BCBS
  • Delta Dental

Other Payment Methods Accepted

If there are procedures that are only covered partially by your personal insurance plan or not covered at all, other payment methods are accepted by our office. These include cash, debit cards, credit cards.

It’s essential that you discuss insurance and financing policies before having any dental treatment so that you have accurate and current information. Call our office today!