Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Knoxville, IA

Losing a permanent tooth is fairly common among adults. Though losing one tooth may not seem serious enough to impact a patient’s oral health, this condition can have detrimental effects. That’s why we offer tooth bridges in Knoxville. A tooth or dental bridge is an apparatus designed to replace a missing tooth and restore oral health and function to the patient. If you are missing one or more permanent teeth, schedule an appointment with Knoxville Dental Associates to see if dental bridges are the right solution for you!

Effects of Tooth Loss

When patients lose a permanent tooth, it can affect their oral health, function, and appearance. For example, if the lost tooth leaves a visible tooth gap, this can result in feelings of self-consciousness and a reluctance to smile confidently.

Even if the tooth gap is not visible when smiling, it can affect the position of nearby teeth in the mouth. The teeth on either side of the empty socket may shift to fill in the gap, resulting in changing the structure of overall tooth alignment. In addition, depending on the location of the tooth gap, a patient’s oral function may be impaired in terms of chewing and biting.

How Dental Bridges Restore Oral Health and Wellness

A dental bridge treatment features a replacement tooth “bridged” by two dental crowns that attach to the teeth on either side of a gap created by a missing tooth. The replacement tooth fits into the empty socket for a natural look and feel. As a result, the dental bridge eliminates any visible tooth gap and restores oral health and function to the patient. This restoration can improve how patients feel about their oral appearance and comfort in eating and other oral functions.

Getting Dental Bridges Treatment in Knoxville

Are you missing one or more of your permanent teeth? If you are interested in dental bridges near you as a solution for tooth loss and want to learn about tooth bridge cost, their types, pros and cons, then contact our Knoxville family dentistry. At Knoxville Dental Associates, your oral health is important, and this includes replacing the loss of a permanent tooth.

We look forward to your next scheduled appointment!