Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants in Knoxville, IA

Have you ever noticed how easily food particles can become trapped in your back teeth? That’s because these molars contain ridges and crevices in which tiny bits of food can be lodged. This poses a risk to patients since these particles eventually break down and result in tooth decay.

Children are particularly susceptible to tooth decay as their molars emerge from the gum tissue. That’s why our dentists offer dental sealants in Knoxville. Dental sealants offer protection against tooth decay in the molars of young patients. Visit Knoxville Dental Associates to find out more about the dental sealants procedure!

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

Our dental care team will apply a protective coating to the patient’s back teeth to “seal” the surface of these molars. This reduces the risk of trapped particles breaking down into substances that cause tooth decay. Dental sealants are typically applied during a scheduled in-office visit, and the procedure is simple and quick.

Though preventive dental procedures such as tooth sealants offer greater protection for back teeth, especially in children, it’s essential that patients continue to maintain optimal oral health habits.

Sealants on their own, without daily brushing and flossing, will not eliminate the risk of tooth decay. In addition, eating a diet high in sugar or consuming sugary drinks may also undermine the protection of dental sealants against tooth decay and cavities.

Children and Oral Health

Providing a strong foundation for oral health is important for children. One way to accomplish this is to provide preventive procedures such as dental sealants to protect against tooth decay and cavities in molars. In addition, children must be taught proper oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing techniques. This will establish a lifelong regiment of caring for their teeth and gums.

Dental Sealants for Kids and Adults at Knoxville Dental Associates

Are your child’s molars protected? If you are interested in dental sealants for your kids and want to learn more about dental sealants’ costs and their pros and cons, contact our Knoxville dental clinic today.

Knoxville Dental Associates offers appointments for dental sealants for sensitive teeth and other procedures to ensure your entire family’s oral health and wellness.

We look forward to your next office visit!

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