Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Knoxville, IA

Has it been longer than six months since you have had an in-office dental exam? If so, it’s essential to schedule an appointment for an examination, professional cleaning, and screening for oral cancer. Knoxville Dental Associates offers oral cancer screening near you as part of routine dental examinations and cleanings.

Patients are recommended to undergo these exams every six months with our oral cancer screening dentist. This allows our dental care team to assess your overall oral health, including screening for any oral cancer symptoms as a method of early detection.

How Do Oral Cancer Screenings Work?

During your next dental examination, our dental care team will examine the inside of your mouth and throat in addition to the outside of your face and neck. This will help identify any abnormalities or irregularities that could be signs of oral cancer. These screenings are beneficial in early detection through quicker diagnosis. This, in turn, leads to immediate treatment and a higher chance of positive outcomes.

It’s difficult for patients to notice signs or symptoms of oral cancer until it has progressed. Our professional staff is trained to look for initial signs and symptoms to hopefully halt the cancer progression.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

There are certain risk factors that increase a patient’s chances of developing oral cancer.

Intense or prolonged exposure of the face and neck to the sun’s rays elevates a patient’s risk for oral cancer, particularly in the lips. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also a risk factor, as is the use of tobacco products. Smoking or chewing tobacco poses a significant risk for patients developing oral cancer.

Patients should consider these factors carefully and report to our dental care team. The more information we have, the better preventive care we can provide.

Oral Cancer Screening at Knoxville Dental Associates

Don’t delay your routine dental exams and cleanings, including oral cancer screenings. Our dentists near you are committed to your overall wellness and oral health. For more information about our oral cancer screenings in Knoxville or other procedures, contact our team at Knoxville Dental Associates.

We look forward to your next in-office visit!