Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Knoxville, IA

Did you have any stubborn baby teeth as a child that were removed by a dentist or wisdom teeth that were surgically removed as a young adult? Both of these procedures are common tooth extraction services.

In most cases, a dentist will take measures to prevent extractions, to keep your natural teeth intact. However, there are times when dental extractions are necessary for a patient’s continued oral health and wellness.

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Reasons for Dental Extractions

There are many reasons why patients undergo dental extractions, including the removal of stubborn baby teeth and impacted wisdom teeth. Occasionally, patients suffer overcrowding in the mouth due to their teeth. This situation is remedied through dental extractions. In addition, tooth removal is a common solution in preparation for a patient’s orthodontic treatment. In rare instances, a patient’s tooth is extracted due to severe disease or traumatic injury at the root level.

Our tooth extraction dentist will perform safe and effective extractions, no matter the reason. This procedure will allow patients to achieve and maintain their oral health.

Recovery from Tooth Extractions

In general, recovery from dental extractions is straightforward for patients. The most important aspect of recovery is to allow healing in the extraction site. To facilitate healing, you may be asked to refrain from certain activities and behaviors for some time. This may include physical exertion, drinking from a straw, consuming alcoholic beverages, and especially tobacco products in the form of chewing and smoking.

In addition, patients need to contact our professional staff right away if they experience any unexpected pain, bleeding, or swelling after extraction. These symptoms may indicate an oral health complication that requires immediate treatment.

Getting Tooth Extraction in Knoxville

At Knoxville Dental Associates, we are dedicated to our patients’ comprehensive oral health and wellness. This includes performing necessary tooth extractions. If you have questions about dental extractions services or other procedures, contact our dentists in Knoxville, IA.

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